Thursday, 1 February 2018



Recently, netizens have pulled out Fan Cheng Cheng's old photos. In the photos, Fan Cheng Cheng was still just an ordinary youth with single eyelids, his father's plump nose and a fashion style no different from the average high school student but now his features are more refined. 

1. [+1021] But the facial features look the same without makeup? 

2. [+525] Well I like this face [ok] 

3. [+536] Going to this extent? Come! Open your eyes, the latest bare face photo. There is a difference between wearing and not wearing makeup. But his bare face is also handsome. 

4. [+334] I just want to vote, vote, vote

5. [+363] Begging you to let go.... We're very low profile. Let go of a 17 year old child. Is there not enough pressure? Hating everyday. Their facial features were originally good. Don't just hate for the sake of hating.

6. [+302] Don't mislead, okay? As a large medial channel shouldn't you be seeking truth rather than rumours? This child from young to old has not changed. Of course with hair styling and makeup there will be a difference. Just asking the author, could it be you've never changed?

7. [+196] Begging those who can't see the good in others to let go of Fan Cheng Cheng. I really feel sorry for him. Even if his skills are just average, skills can be developed. No matter how much hard work he has been putting in, it's all ruined by you saying he relies on his sister. His sister is naturally occuring but skills are aquired. He's only 17. Still a child. Have some compassion.

8. [+152] All day, everyday posting to hate on him for what? Even if we don't have plastic surgery we're still handsome. Begging you to let go.

9. [+145] didi's bare face photo! There's not difference, okay!

10. [+119] Without plastic surgery how would he debut