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Translations will not be directly word for word.  I am trying my best to convey the meaning behind the comments. At times my translations and the original comment may seem different. This is because some words simply do not have an English equivalent. Chinese and English also have different sentence structures so sometimes a sentence must be completely restructured to make sense.

If my translations don't make sense or you think it's not accurate feel free to let me know. I admit that my Chinese is not perfect. One reason that I decided to start this blog was so I could improve on my Chinese. Therefore CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is warmly welcomed.

The comments translated do not represent the opinion of the whole population of China. For any given article I only translate at most the top 10 comments. There are over 1.3 billion people in China. The comments I translate make up a minuscule amount of the Chinese population.

The source of articles/comments are always linked. Weibo articles will be translated given their short length. Longer articles may receive a translation or a summary when it is necessary to provide context behind the comment translations. Picture(s) are taken from the source unless otherwise stated.