bang bang da 棒棒哒 - stick stick da
explanation: cute way to say great, awesome

bang zi 棒子 - stick
explanation: a slightly derogatory term for Koreans. historically used to refer to Koreans born of affairs between officials and prostitutes.

da ma 大妈 - big mum
explanation: middle aged woman, ahjumma

dan shen gou 单身狗 - single dog
explanation: a mocking way to refer to someone who is single. it was originally used to refer to oneself

gou liang 狗粮 - dog feed
explanation: any evidence of affection/love e.g. PDA, couple items, photos etc...

gui mi 闺蜜 - boudoir honey
explanation: a very close friend who you can share secrets with and trust to always support you
e.g. 不管发生什么, 永远是好闺蜜。No matter what happens, we'll always be 闺蜜.

jia you 加油 - add oil
explanation: term of encouragement e.g. you can do it, hwaiting, ganbatte

lv mao zi 绿帽子 - green hat
explanation: some who has been 'made green' or wears a green hat has been cheated on by their partner

meng meng da 萌萌哒 - moe moe da [T/N: interjection like ah]
explanation: it evolved from me me da 么么哒. it is used to express/act cute.

nan shen 男神 - male god
explanation: ultimate bias, favourite idol, ideal type
e.g. 他是我的男神。He is my 男神。

nv shen 女神 - female god
explanation: goddess, beauty, ultimate bias, favourite idol, ideal type
e.g. 她是我的女神。She is my 女神。

san guan 三观 - three views
explanation: philosophical idea a person's behaviour are influenced by their worldview, moral values and life view

shui jun 水军 - water army
explanation: ghostwriter netizens paid to write comments

xia si baobao 吓死宝宝 - scared death baby
explanation: cute way to say the OP was scared to death
e.g. 这图片也太可怕了吧。 吓死宝宝。 This picture is way to scary.  吓死宝宝.

xiao xian rou 小鲜肉 - small fresh meat
explanation: young (15-25 years old), cute/innocent yet handsome male idol
e.g. TFBOYS 都是小鲜肉。 TFBOYS are all 小鲜肉.

xi zi 戏子 - actor
explanation: derogatory term for someone who is fake and puts up a front

zha nan 渣男 - waste man
explanation: derogatory term for a man. they appear to be good person but are actually extremely selfish, shameless, irresponsible, playing around with a woman's feelings

explanation: 6 (六) sounds like 溜 which means smooth. it's a very common slang and is used to mean awesome or cool.