Monday, 22 January 2018



The Rap of China made Kris Wu's "freestyle" popular.
Idol Producer's Zhang Yi Xing's "balance" is also on the rise.


1. [+1632] The difference is one has balance but one doesn't have freestyle [微笑] Editing problem [并不简单] ZXY who debuted in 2012 has always liked to refer to balance. If you don't understand dance terminology that's normal [并不简单][并不简单][并不简单]

2. [+1563] Zhang Yi Xing gave a professional comment. The personality of both is too different. Supporting little sheep.

3. [+1381] It's not uncommon for ZYX to know a few specialised terminology. Afterall he is personally is involved with creating music [嘻嘻]
[T/N: picture of his comments on the music show 天籁之战]

4. [+1425] Balance is specialised terminology, not a buzzword. Whether it's new or not is not important, the point is you did not gain new knowledge~

5. [+1177] Men use their skills to speak
[T/N: picture which says "singing can be lip-synced; voice can be auto-tuned; dancing cannot be faked]

6. [+797] Kris Wu belongs to the category that asks "can you freestyle" but can't  [二哈] I still remember him talking about the biscuit that was big and round*

7. [+768] Xing Mi's say their idol has skills = Kris Wu doesn't have skills. What do Kris Wu's fans think of this?

8. [+678] The first appearance is always fun. It's pointless to constantly repeat. I don't get the point.

9. [+687] Saying wearing classes is imitating.... I don't know if I'm blind or if those saying that are blind.... One is a pair of sunglasses the other a pair of gold frames.... Whether or not there is imitation don't the fans know?

10. [+604] Zhang Yi Xing is so good looking, no matter what he says is right [馋嘴][馋嘴][馋嘴] If the contestants can't do it say it a couple more times. Whether or not they should put in more effort doesn't their heart have a balance? [T/N: idea]

* from the variety show 72 Floor Mystery