Friday, 26 January 2018


Chen Xiang and Mao Xiao Tong announced their relationship in September 2015.

They broke up in October 2017. Mao Xiao Tong posted "I never thought this scene would appear before my eyes". Chen Xiang said it was his fault for failing to protect Xiao Tong. These vague statements resulted in bitter fights between the fans. While these fights never died down, public interest in the breakup was reignited when Mao Xiao Tong denied Chen Xiang's narrative that the reason for the breakup was distance.

On the 24th,  a netizen released surveillance footage taken in the elevator at Chen Xiang and Mao Xiao Tong's apartment building. It shows on October 1 2017 at 20:40, Chen Xiang and Jiang Kai Tong entering and leaving the elevator together. 4 minutes later Mao Xiao Tong returns home. And four minute later Jiang Kai Tong leaves the building. At 21:45 she posted, "I never thought this scene would appear before my eyes". At 00:15 on October 2 2017 people believed to be her staff begin moving all her belongings out of the apartment. By 1:20 she has moved out.

On the 25th, Chen Xiang released a statement. As the release of the video was malicious and a violation of privacy he is considering taking legal action. He admitted he did not deal with the breakup well which has resulted in friends being roped into the situation. And for that, he apologises to them.

Chen Xiang's studio also released a statement. They allege the video has been edited maliciously, Chen Xiang's reputation has been slandered. They urge netizens to stop spreading misinformation or they will take legal action to protect Chen Xiang.


1. [+6994] My heart hurts for Mao Xiao Tong [伤心]

2. [+7433] ah ah, do the zha nan's fans still have face?

3. [+6638] You guys wanted definitive proof [微笑] Are you satisfied now [微笑] Do you want to say the rumours are not about your side [拜拜] My heart hurts for my family's little sister Tong. Out of respect for their previous relationship as lovers she protected him and in return received your endless verbal abuse and attacks [微笑] Xiao Tong jia you, it will be better in the future [心]

4. [+5051] ah ah zha nan, there's finally definitive proof

5. [+4498] So it turns out Jiang is this disgusting

1. [+8087] My heart hurts for Mao Xiao Tong. Her and her family have been attacked by Chen Xiang's fans for months. On reality shows Chen Xiang is still acting like a man who's been hurt by love [跪了] Can't believe it.

2. [+5378] Chen Xiang's character is no good. Trying to white-wash himself in the The Inn is so embarrassing.

3. [+4682] Can't believe it. Can't believe it. [跪了] He cheated but is acting pitiful [跪了] I've never seen such a shameless person [跪了][跪了]

4. [+3782] The Oscars owes Chen Xiang a Best Actor award.

5. [+3517] Chen Xiang can be considered the bastard of the century! [ok] He cheated yet is shameless enough to buy a trending search and act pitiful!


1. [+11656] ah ah da [微笑][微笑][微笑] [T/N: kinda like "okay okay sure. whatever you say. *rolls eyes*]

2. [+10087] Taken down

3. [+7366] Still making excuses even though it's so obvious. We have eyes.

4. [+5670] I saw an interview. Mao Xiao Tong was hurt deeply by him. You can't only look at a man's appearance.

5. [+5269] Mao Xiao Tong is simply a role model for girls! Immediately moves out! My heart hurts for Mao Xiao Tong. She's been attacked by Chen Xiang's fans for months and they're still not letting go of her. And a certain someone was acting pitiful on a TV program successfully white-washing himself [微笑] Those who attacked Mao Xiao Tong shouldn't you apologise?

1. [+6655] Clearly a lack of confidence. He can only say it's a serious violation of privacy [吃瓜] There's nothing else he can say.

2. [+5279] The truth is he cheated.

3. [+4927] Stop the spread of misinformation?? [费解][费解] Your side muddied the female. When your fans attacked the female until she was bloody [T/N figuratively not literally] why didn't you come out?? If it wasn't for the video we would still be pitying you. You really know how to act on the TV program.

4. [+4807] Mao Xiao Tong moving houses in the middle of the night was so damn hot. So courageous.

5. [+3411] Now what has Mao Xiao Tong done wrong [摊手]
[T/N: picture of comments attacking Mao Xiao Tong]

- I liked them as a couple so I was disappointed when they broke up. I also liked them individually. My heart breaks for Mao Xiao Tong and I've lost all respect for Chen Xiang. He is literally the epitome of a zha nan.