Wednesday, 24 January 2018


In a past interview, Fan Bing Bing has joked about how Fan Cheng Cheng likes to "brag about his sister". At school, he used a friend's phone to call her. Worried, she quickly told her brother to remember to delete her number off the phone. He also took his sister's autographed photos and gifted them to teachers.

1. [+1079] Wasn't he making a fuss about how he doesn't want to rely on his sister. Why has it started again [吃瓜]

2. [+1623] The keyboard warriors in the comments are really hard to please. This video is so old. Fan Cheng Cheng was still young. What's wrong with sending a message to his sister, Fan Bing Bing? What's wrong with having pressure when participating in a program? He's also only 17 years old. Also the comments that are slandering Fan Bing Bing just destruct in your place [拜拜]

3. [+815] I also want to brag

4. [+669] If I was Fan Bing Bing, if my sister or brother wanted to walk down this path I would do whatever I can to give them the best ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭

5. [+229] ah ah. Before this Fan Cheng Cheng said, "whenever I'm mentioned people will think of my sister. I have a lot of pressure right now~ (breaksdown in tears)". He's clearly using his sister to get famous yet he still says such words. If it wasn't for your sister who would know you.

6. [+686] Saying it's marketing. Do people market to get criticised? Look at the comments. Anti-fans are still creating brainless rumours against the brother and sister. When it's about Bing Bing's family you ran faster than her fans. Don't even let go of her brother. He's just a child participating in an program. He hasn't done anything that deserves criticism. Can't your heart be more kind. 

7. [+250] That's enough. Stop it. I don't want to know [doge]