Friday, 26 January 2018


In 2015, Liu Yi Fei and Song Seung Heon met and fell in love while filming The Third Love. At the time a lot of people thought this relationship was media play. Over the years rumours of their breakup came out numerous times but they were always denied. On the 25th, Korean media broke the news Liu Yi Fei and Song Seung Heon broke up in late 2017. Song Seung Heon confirmed stating it was due to busy schedules and personal reasons.

1. [+20121] Okay, I know.
[t/n: sina weibo celebrity streetwear account]

2. [+53599] If this is true then they finally broke up. I'm so happy.

3. [+34206] Happy breakup. Wishing you happiness. Liu Yi Fei is actually mine [doge][doge]

4. [+21126] ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I'm going crazy from happiness

5. [+14646] The news is so great everyone celebrate and spread it. Liu Yi Fei is mine again [憧憬][憧憬][憧憬]

6. [+11535] People who like will receive good results in their exams

7. [+9732] ha ha ha ha ha ha Liu Yi Fei is mine

8. [+9214] First time seeing the comments under news of a breakup being this happy [doge]

9. [+8579] Finally broke up!!! The news is so great everyone celebrate and spread it!!!!!!! Rubbing my hands with glee [挤眼][挤眼][挤眼]

10. [+6594] While I knew they were together it always felt like Liu Yi Fei was single [允悲][允悲]